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Gain Expert Fighting Knowledge Online - Free
Learn Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Self-Defense or Competition - Enhance Your Training - Progress Faster - Earn Rank

Vital for Beginners - Essential for the Expert
Watch and Discover What Works in a Real Fight.

  • Access MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ground-Fighting Video Instruction plus Kickboxing Video Training Online for Free
  • Log-on and Learn from Top Experts and Champions using over 22 hours of Internet video filled with proven techniques, drills, and professional methods
  • Become a More Effective and Confident Fighter the more you learn
  • Gain the Warrior/Champion Mindset that can make all the difference
  • Avoid Training Mistakes - Accelerate Learning - get serious results
  • Learn to Achieve Fighting Fitness - increase strength and stamina
  • Gain Critical Fighting Skills and Proven Techniques thru Online Video
  • Earn Rank

Congratulations! You've just found
the most complete Mixed Martial Arts
Internet Video Fight-School in the World!

Martial Arts Instructional Website of the Year 2009
Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Over 200 years of combined Mixed Martial Arts coaching
and competitive experience right at your finger tips . . .

Meet Your Expert Instructors

Carlos Machado
8th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Nephew of the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Carlos Gracie Sr., & Helio Gracie
Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Daniel Gonzalez
Chief Instructor
Black Belt Machado Jiu-Jitsu
Street-Kickboxing / MMA Instructor
2X Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Travis Lutter
Black Belt Machado Jiu-Jitsu
MMA Champion
UFC Veteran
Abu Dhabi Veteran

Marcos Santos
Black Belt Machado Jiu-Jitsu
NYPD Special Instructor
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Jake Hattan
UMAHF Instructor of the Year
MMA Champion
Martial Arts Hall of Fame

And Featuring Special Material From:

Frank Shamrock
5X Undefeated - UFC Middleweight Champion
WKC World Submission Champion
Contenders Light-Heavyweight Champion
King of Pancrase - Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Ricardo Liborio
and Marcelo Silveira

Founders and Head Instructors
of American Top Team
Co-Founders of Brazilian Top Team
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts
World and National Champions - Abu Dhabi Veterans
Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Plus tons of exciting submission ground-fighting action featuring MMA Instructor of the Year - Jake Hattan and Intermediate Instructors:

Caleb Lane
Martial Arts Hall of Fame - 2009
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt
Jakob Rogers
Chris Westfall
Lutter - Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt

CaseyAnd last but not least . . .
Meet Casey Ingram, your very own Certified Personal Trainer with top credentials from the world renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas. Get ready for an education in weightlifting, core strength training, and proper stretching techniques. Created for martial artists, this special program will round out your training and maximize your results. Great for both men and women.

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu online. Learn BJJ armbars, leg locks, strangles, kneebars, shoulder locks, reversals, ankle locks, triangle chokes, key locks, sweeps, guillotines, cranks, throws, kimuras, arm drags, toe holds, cut throats and more, and that's just for starters. Learn to attack from every position of authority from where all fights are won. But more importantly, learn to defend against any attacks from those same positions of authority so that you don't get finalized or beat down. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques online. Discover Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions and moves that work and then learn several ways to counter all of them like an expert.

Learn stand-up striking, learn ground & pound, learn MMA tie-ups, takedowns, and breakdowns, along with an entire series of strangle escapes and headlock escapes. Learn BJJ and MMA online. Discover online training. Learn BJJ techniques, attacks, and escapes from the mount, the guard, the vale-tudo mount, from side-control, and back-control. Learn BJJ attacks and escapes from the open guard, the half-guard, the fifty-fifty position, the knee-ride position, and even learn to stop the best BJJ guard passes. Learn critical and essential BJJ and MMA fighting techniques that will help develop you into a more complete fighter, both on the ground and standing up.

Then use our fight-fitness and sports mental training programs to round out your fight skills and take your BJJ and MMA training to an even higher level. Knowledge is Power especially in the fight game. If you're serious about learning and becoming a better fighter, then just click on the navigation menu to explore this powerful website and see for yourself what awaits you inside.

You'll be able to simply click on any video button and watch any video, whenever you want. It's that easy.

Over 22 hours of online training for BJJ and MMA Ground-Fighting and Street Kickboxing. Plus tons of BJJ submission ground-fighting action, fitness programs, and sports mental training, all at the touch of a button, straight to your computer.

Whether you're currently training or just thinking about it, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, it doesn't matter. This is really valuable stuff. A BJJ and MMA online training video database and distance learning experience like no other anywhere on the net. Top instructors with real teaching credentials. Fight Knowledge that will accelerate your learning. Leave the competition behind. Take your Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing fight proficiency to another level. Learn what a lot of coaches don't even know how to teach.

Let’s face it, although we’ve all heard of people who saved themselves using one swift kick... you know that it will likely take more than just one technique to end a fight. Sure, watching free fight clips or MMA pro-fights can help you learn, but the fact is that in order to get really good...

Expert instruction is what makes all the difference.

Just look at what you'll find inside:

  • MMA Core: BJJ Submission wrestling technique mixed with ground fighting strikes. Simple and to the point. You better know this stuff if you want to win.
  • The Critical 12: Select Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting skills presented in a logical and structured way. Get the big picture. Knowing these all important Positions of Authority, Ground Attacks, and Ground Defenses, is what makes all the difference in a real situation.
  • Street Kickboxing - RA Tactics: Stand-up striking skills at their most powerful best. Why not learn stand-up striking that actually works?
  • Complete Ground Fighting Technique Seminars: Immerse yourself in a real learning experience. Discover our collection of BJJ technique seminars. Enjoy a real value. Not some collection of tiny short clips like on some other websites. Get ready to learn the right way. Revealing, proven, and absolutely necessary material that's presented in an effective, easy to learn way that will bring you results.
  • Expert Zone: In addition to our fight courses, technique seminars, and all the other core instructional material, this is where you’ll find a growing collection of Special Training Material from world-class guest instructors teaching you what they know best. Great champions and teachers sharing their secrets, offering advice, and teaching what's necessary in order to help you become the best that you can be.
  • Pro-Core Strength Training: Created especially for Defense-On-Demand by fitness personality and Certified Personal Trainer – Casey Ingram. Watch and learn how to get in shape and stay in shape. Great for both men and women. Recommended by top athletes. Created with the Martial Artist in mind. You’ll learn how to gain lean muscle and increase flexibility while safely losing body fat in the process.
  • Sports Mental Training Program: Guaranteed to help make a big difference. The 25 lessons in this unique program will teach you how to perform optimally under pressure, dramatically increase self-confidence, and tap your full potential. Gain the Warrior/Champion mindset and learn all the secrets that pro-athletes and top executives pay big bucks for.
  • BJJ Submission Ground-Fighting Training Action: This material goes beyond typical instruction. Our own BJJ ground-fighting submission wrestling action - narrated and filmed at a pace that's designed to help you really learn how to put it all together. If you want to learn, then watching this material can certainly help make you a more effective ground-fighter. An exclusive Defense-On-Demand training product. And we’ve got tons of it for you.

It's not hard to get good at self-defense. It just takes
the right knowledge presented to you in the right way.
We know how to teach you.

Just listen to what some of our clients are saying:

"This website is great. It's puts me back in control of my fight training.
I don't have to depend on the slow pace of group classes anymore.
This is a really valuable resource. I can't thank you enough."
- C. East

"I learned more by watching the material on this website
than I ever dreamed possible. It's almost like having a private coach
available whenever I want."
- M. Warren

"As a university coach that teaches mental training to top athletes,
I have to read and stay current with dozens of books
and programs on the topic. "The Art of Mental Training" lays it out better
than any of them out there. By far the most powerful and wonderfully
concise Sports Mental Training Program I have ever encountered."
-T. Ellis

Our approach to presenting the information brings you results. You'll be so involved with your learning experience that you'll wonder where the time went.

How valuable is that?

If you are interested in learning, then you should take the opportunity to see how this program can help you achieve your training goals. Take your BJJ and MMA fighting skills to an entirely different level. Remember - Knowledge is Power - especially in the fight game. Gain instant access to all the knowledge and techniques starting now . . .

Your Expert Instructors are standing-by.
Just click the video buttons to select different areas of instruction.

Access to DefenseOnDemand's action and training videos, and our Sports Mental Training Program - "The Art Of Mental Training" are all instantly available via your connection to the Internet. Nothing to buy, nothing to ship, no hidden charges, and best of all, no waiting!

Welcome to DefenseOnDemand, an entirely new and powerful way to learn self -defense or to take your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA submission wrestling and street-fighting skills to a new level. We hope you enjoy using this learning resource. Train hard !

Wishing you the best in health, sports, and happiness.

DCGonz - Chief Instructor

Internet Video FIGHT TRAINING,

Disclaimer: Ground Fighting, Grappling, Ultimate Sport Fighting, Street Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, or any form of Mixed Martial Arts instruction involves a potential risk for serious injury. The techniques used in the following videos are being demonstrated by highly trained professional instructors. No one should attempt any of these techniques without supervision and an okay from their doctor. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques assumes all risks. DefenseOnDemand does not direct it's site content for anyone under the age of eighteen.


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