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Self Defense

Mixed martial arts is a great form of self defense. That’s because it takes the best from several different fighting disciplines, including grappling, kickboxing, and even street fighting. Blending a variety of fighting styles is the best way to become an effective fighter.

DefenseOnDemand has online videos that teach you how to fight. Internet videos that you can download or stream to your computer in order to learn self defense from the comfort of your own home. You save hundreds of dollars by not having to pay for expensive lessons. With online Internet video lessons you still learn from expert black-belt instructors who show you step by step how to fight and win. You can view each self defense video and all the fight training as often as you want, whenever you want to.

Mixed martial arts is a particularly good form of self defense for women. Our instructors not only bring you fight training, but they bring you mental training also. You will learn sports mental training techniques that will help if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fight. That’s important because having the mental edge can make all the difference.

Be sure to take a good look around our website and explore all the online instructional fight videos we offer. By doing so you’ll gain an idea of what we teach and how we teach it. You’ll soon see why we are considered one of the top martial arts schools online.

Self Defense

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